Life goal


Just when I was starting to seriously consider significantly thinning my book herd, Gene finds this for me.


This is what I want to grow up to be. Not even a person who owns this library; I actually want to grow up to be this library.

Gene's life would surely be better without a thousand books cluttering up the place, yet he cheerfully feeds my habit like this. What a fella, eh? I was gonna marry him before, but now I'm gonna marry him twice as hard.

I mean, assuming Neil won't have me.


This is not my library. YET.


with cat? =)

i looked at some of the close-ups and he has multiple copies of the same books. i do that too! stupid habit. heh. man, i can't wait to grow up and become a real library too. some day. some day.

welll...maybe not with cat. but definitely with a shelf of my own books.

also, he only has like three pratchett books! isn't that weird?