National Novel Writing Month encourages participants to write a 50,000 word novel in one month.

It took me two months.

I would like to say there's some feeling of accomplishment or completion when you hit that 50,000 word marker, but in fact, no. 50,000 gets you to a little over 100 pages. Edith Wharton may be able to write a complete book in 100 pages but I cannot. If I continue producing at this rate, my first draft won't be finished for probably another 4 months.

Half a year! Half a year to write the world's worst and most unreadable book. Shouldn't you be able to toss off such a book in a few minutes?

If I am going to be a hack, I'd at least like to be a competent one.


just thinking out loud here but maybe if you let someone read it, someone supportive, and they buoyed up your writer's ego you would get done faster. maybe. i'm just saying. think about it. (because i can't wait 4 months. you know how impatient i am!)

Heh. And in fact, you will not wait 4 months, because I won't be showing it around until the second draft is done. I am totally Pamela Dean!


I've been working on mine since 2001.

I think writing any book is a huge accomplishment. It's on my list of things I will probably never manage, like being president. You're almost one up on that already. Besides, I have to re-read good books several times to really appreciate them. I'm certain the authors have to re-write them too. Don't worry. You're on the right track.