Best book to read when you don't feel like reading but you have to because if you go for too many days without reading then your brain explodes, like the movie Speed but with books, kinda.


Seahorses: Mysteries of the Oceans, by Catherine Wallis

There are color photographs on every page and tons of fun facts to know and share about the world's cutest fish. This book is tiny -- philistines can use it as a dessert plate or a coaster for a large coffee mug -- so it's easy to take it out in the world to read desultorily on the subway, or curl up with it at home to read desultorily in bed. Like seahorses, the paragraphs are bite-sized and require little mastication before you move onto the next. (Note: Seahorses are not actually for eating.)

A casual reference in here helped me figure out what I want to read next: the Atlas Ichthyologique, by Pieter Bleeker. Unfortunately, it is 10 volumes long and out of print. It may also be written in Dutch. I turn 30 in eight months; those planning to get me a birthday present might start saving now for those volumes, and possibly some Dutch lessons. I would also settle for Konrad Gesner's Historiae Animalium. You can't get that anywhere either, but you can read it online here. Thanks, libraries!



the seahorse in that picture = far from cute. bulbous. sort of creepy and nervously diseased mayhap.

but that book you link to = page 10(?): de cato! awwww. de cato.

Hee. Totally bulbous. But I cropped it so you can't tell that all the coral around it looks exactly like that. They move into a place and then their skin changes color and grows to match the stuff around them. There's one that has leaves growing all over it. SEAHORSES 4EVA!!!

Hey, I think I finally found a tattoo I want!

they have two kinds of the leafy seadragons at the CAAS. just saying, if you love them and want to go gaze at them, drooling a bit. me i am also a fan of the seahorses. you should totally get a tattoo.

Hm, you know I was kidding about SEAHORSES 4EVA!!! but maybe a tattoo of an actual seahorse would be sort of awesome. And if people asked why I got it, I could say something pretentious like "to remind me that fitting in isn't always a bad thing," or, rephrased a little, "to remind me that Gene and I have completely opposite life philosophies." But really I would just have it because I think they are cute. (By this logic I guess I should also get YOU tattooed on me, and maybe dreamboat Rob Pattinson, and also my new laptop.)

I used to coach a swim team called the Seahorses, so I did some research on the real animal. Once, one the kids asked me if seahorses were fast. I told him, "Actually, the seahorse is the slowest fish in the world." (Pause) "But you guys are gonna swim super fast!"

I got in trouble with the parents for that one.