As I perchance hereafter shall think meet


Part of being an incredibly advanced person is that sometimes I have dreams about Shakespeare plays. Last night was a classic example. In the dream, I was being asked for my five desert island books. I keep this list in my head at all times in case I am ever asked for it, and I am pretty sure that one day someone will care enough to ask outside of a dream, even as people have occasionally asked such unexpected, wonderful questions as how I organize my books and who my favorite fantasy author is. (But don't ask that last one. I have no idea, and I will spend about an hour explaining why.)

In my dream, one of my answers was The Comedy of Hamlet. Even in the dream I realized I'd fucked up, and spent the rest of the dream trying to justify myself by quoting the funny parts of Hamlet. "And don't forget the antic disposition," I said desperately like a desperate nerd.

My list, currently, not that anyone cares, is:

The Collected Works of Shakespeare
The Collected Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Pride and Prejudice
Nine Stories by Salinger
The Changeover

The Comedy of Hamlet will maybe be my alternate.



what, not the COLLECTED works of jane austen?

this was the second result for googling ""perchance hereafter shall""
I still dont have an explanation of that line