October 2008 Archives

Part of being an incredibly advanced person is that sometimes I have dreams about Shakespeare plays. Last night was a classic example. In the dream, I was being asked for my five desert island books. I keep this list in my head at all times in case I am ever asked for it, and I am pretty sure that one day someone will care enough to ask outside of a dream, even as people have occasionally asked such unexpected, wonderful questions as how I organize my books and who my favorite fantasy author is. (But don't ask that last one. I have no idea, and I will spend about an hour explaining why.)

In my dream, one of my answers was The Comedy of Hamlet. Even in the dream I realized I'd fucked up, and spent the rest of the dream trying to justify myself by quoting the funny parts of Hamlet. "And don't forget the antic disposition," I said desperately like a desperate nerd.

My list, currently, not that anyone cares, is:

The Collected Works of Shakespeare
The Collected Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Pride and Prejudice
Nine Stories by Salinger
The Changeover

The Comedy of Hamlet will maybe be my alternate.