Talking to the Dead

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My ghost Bob continues to muck things up in the kitchen. (Thank you to those of you who ask after him, by the way. I think he likes being discussed.) The fridge, having been repaired twice, is starting to do its over-freezing thing again. And a pipe in the pantry sprung a leak. These have Bob's fingerprints all over them.

I'm reading a non-fiction book now called Talking to the Dead: Kate and Maggie Fox and the Rise of Spiritualism. The book is about the genesis of America's interest in mediums and seances, which came about when two adolescent girls were haunted by mysterious knocks and moving furniture that mystified their families. The girls soon learned to communicate with the "spirits" and became America's first mediums. (Media?) The author promises she won't be answering whether the haunting was real or manufactured by the girls, so we never get to see how they did it. I wonder if Bob is real or manufactured, and if the latter, I wonder how I am doing it?


1 Comment

my motto in life when it comes to the spirit world:

"no matter how many people tell you differently, you AREN'T MOVING THE OUIJA BOARD POINTER."

so i'll believe you that you aren't manufacturing bob. not that you ever believed me about the ouija board. i am not bitter!