Kindle aflame

The Kindle is down to $299 now. It's only a matter of time before I cave.

I have to admit, though, part of me feels like the Kindle may be a Betamax. I suspect there's going to be a better device along shortly, and it's probably going to come from Apple.

Also, as I ponder purchasing an ebook device, I suddenly wonder how well that would work for me. Right now, most of my books cost under $3, because I get them at library sales and stuff. But how would that work with ebooks? Do you just wind up downloading them at torrent sites?

Basically, owning one of these devices would only be useful to me if I could convert most of my current library into ones and zeros. But that's almost a thousand books to find in electronic form -- is that possible? Would it cost a fortune (comparatively)? Do I maybe just want to go on turning up my nose at the Kindle and lugging a lot of books with me on vacation? How often do I go on vacation, anyway?

In short, do I, or do I not, want to be Neil Gaiman's library when I grow up?

I think I do. Go jump in a lake, Kindle.