Crash Colman, found

To: Jack Wiard
Subject: Ye Rose & Thistle
I recently found a business card for someone named A. "Crash" Colman, M.D. The only address given is someplace called Ye Rose & Thistle, which appears to be gone now, and your name is the only hit Google offers when I search for it. Is there any chance you knew Crash Colman? If not, can you tell me anything about Ye Rose & Thistle?

Thanks, and sorry about this, I know it's a strange question. But I think I ought to find Crash Colman if I can.

To: Kris Larson
Subject: Ye Rose & Thistle
Hello Kris,

I played clarinet at Ye Rose & Thistle (now a gay bar) from 1965 to 1971, when I moved to Australia. A. Colman (Arnold Colman, nicknamed Bunky Colman) was the sub clarinet player when I couldn't make it and he took the job when I left. He was a general doctor who played excellent clarinet...sort of reminded me of Irving Fazola (whom he liked). He made just one recording in that group, no longer available. He passed away (cancer) about 8 years or so ago.

Hope this helped,

Even as I type this, one of Crash's recordings is winging its way to my door. We'll see what he has to tell me.