Best book for improve of grammar

Bigfoot: I Not Dead, by Graham Roumieu


I know David Sedaris is the indie darling of humor, but his work seems mighty complicated to me. All those words, and having to read them. The Bigfoot book is mostly pictures and short sentences. For more easy of readings! A sample page:

Bigfoot get more perfect
Refine Bigfootocity. Pull together.
Think outside box. Lose ten pound.
Learn speak the French. Ballroom dance.
Demonstrate superior knowledge of fine wine at dinner party in charming non-pretentious manner.
Be Oscar Wilde of woods.
It so hard.
Brain size of apricot. So, so hard think good.
Maybe if eat Kelsey Grammer of Frasier fame, will absorb him soul and all attribute like McDonald's combo meal."

It's worth noting that Michele liked bits when she read them in the store, but didn't like it once she read the whole thing. It does get pretty gross in places. However, it still makes me giggle.