Summer sales

With summer comes blockbuster movies, bathing suit sales, and additions to some of my favorite fantasy series. Here are three books being released in the next two months which I am ridiculously excited to read.

July 7: Y: The Last Man, Volume 10


The final volume of Brian Vaughan's popular graphic novel series comes out in July. If you're keeping up with this issue-by-issue then you already know the answers to the series' questions: what killed all the men? What happened to Yorick's Beth? Who will he wind up with? Is humanity going to recover? I'm reading the series by volume, rather than issue, and cannot wait to find out.

July 14: Jhegaala


Steven Brust's fantasy books about a young assassin and his jhereg (kind of a reptile/bird) have been keeping me on the edge of my seat since I was knee-high to a Dzur lord. The world is complex and original, the assassin is sharp-tongued and quick-witted, the jhereg is sassy and the stories are always surprising. I am doing a little dance in preparation for the latest installment.

August 4: Breaking Dawn


The last book in the much-touted Twilight series comes out in August. Will Edward make Bella a vampire? Will Jacob bond with the irritating wolf girl? (Well, duh.) Will Edward and Bella finally do it already? Will Bella's self-esteem develop to normal human levels, and will she then tell both her supernatural dudes to take a hike and walk off into the sunset with nice, normal Mike? No one but Stephanie Meyer knows.